CBG drops

  • Regenerate
    Regenerate15% Full Spectrum CBG Oil If you’re suffering from glaucoma, nerve damage or cancer, ..
  • Heal
    Heal10% Full spectrum CBG oil CBG binds to more receptors in our bodies, than CBD. It is theref..
  • Conquer
    Conquer10% CBD + 5% CBG Full Spectrum Oil CBD is great, but some days, great is simply not enou..
Focus: If you are experiencing stress at school, or pressure at work, these are the drops for you. Just take your desired amount every morning, and feel the difference.
Conquer: Some days, great is simply not enough. Whether you’re suffering from arthritis, or your muscles are sore after an intense workout, don’t worry; CBD and CBG combined act better and faster to help you recuperate.
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